Air India peeing incident: Delhi court sends accused Shankar Mishra to 14-day judicial custody, refuses police to arrest him : The Tribune India


New Delhi, January 7

A Delhi court on Saturday sent Shankar Mishra, accused of urinating on a female passenger on an Air India flight, to judicial custody for 14 days, rejecting a police plea to remand him.

Police requested his detention for three days for questioning, saying he must be identified by three cabin crew members and two captains and other passengers must also be screened.

Metropolitan Magistrate Anamika issued an order to send Mishra to judicial custody, noting that his detention was not required by the police to record the statements of other witnesses, including the cabin crew and passengers.

“Just because there is public pressure, don’t do it. Follow the law,” the judge said.

“All the reasons given above.. . A computer is not required to record witness statements. They can be questioned in his absence. The statements can be recorded and there is no requirement for his computer,” the judge said.

The court noted that based on the evidence, the accused prima facie did not cooperate with the investigation.

“A review of the records shows that the accused deliberately avoided participating in the investigation. To do further investigation, recording statements of crew members, recording statements, his detention is not necessary,” the judge said.

During arguments, the court asked the police why it was detaining him.

“He is not needed for interrogations of others, TIP (Test Identification Parade). Everything is known? Why is his guardianship necessary? No one else should be arrested. There is no basis for PC,” the judge said.

Police told the court during arguments that the cabin crew failed to handle the situation and that they were also complicit in the alleged crime.

Meanwhile, the police refused to hand over a copy of the FIR to a lawyer appearing for the complainant, saying “the case is so viral that we don’t want to give a copy of the complaint to anyone except the complainant”.

The Bengaluru police assisted the Delhi police in arresting Shankar Mishra, accused of urinating on a passenger on an Air India flight to Delhi from New York on November 26 from the city’s Sanjay Nagar area.


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