Alex Murdo court coverage – live: Legal Scion’s five shocking words after wife and son’s murders revealed

Alex Murdo: Who is the disgraced lawyer and why is he being sued?

Alex MurdoThe five shocking words of a man after killing his wife and son were revealed at the Colton County Courthouse in Walterboro. South Carolinaon Monday.

Jurors heard testimony about Mr. Murdo’s second interview with law enforcement on June 10, 2021 — three days after he was accused of shooting Maggie, 52, and Paul, 22, at the family’s Islandton mansion on 7 June 2021

In the interview, SLED Special Agent Jeff Croft testified that Mr. Murdough told him, “I did him so bad.”

As prosecutors tried to suggest the 54-year-old legal scion had slipped up during the interview, Mr Murdo was seen shaking his head and appearing to say “that’s not what I said” in court.

The audio of the interview has also raised doubts, with some believing he was actually saying: “They did him so badly.”

Agent Croft is expected to be cross-examined by Mr Murdo’s lawyers when the trial resumes on Tuesday morning.

The trial is just one of Mr. Murdo’s problems in a saga spanning a failed assassination plot, multimillion-dollar fraud schemes and unexplained deaths.


Murdo. had a “clean” shirt after he claimed to have touched the bloodied bodies of his wife and son

Newly released footage from bodycam footage is shown Alex Murdo wearing a ‘clean’ white shirt after he allegedly touched the bloodied bodies of his wife and son when he found them shot dead at the family estate in South Carolina.

In the images, Mr Murdo is wearing a white T-shirt and dark shorts. The photos are grainy, but there are no obvious traces of blood on his shirt.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 31, 2023 09:45 am


A timeline of murders, financial fraud, a botched assassination plot, and unexplained deaths

Rachel Sharp compiled a timeline of the key moments in the growing case against Alex Murdo.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 31, 2023 08:45 AM


Murdo tells the 911 dispatcher that his son Paul has been receiving threats

Alex Murdo told a 911 dispatcher moments after he said he found the bodies of two slain family members that his son Paul had been receiving threats “for months” about a fatal boating accident.

Murdo, 54, can be heard telling the cameraman that his son Paul was involved in a fatal boating accident and had been receiving threats for “months and months and months”.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 31, 2023 07:45 AM


Watch: The first officer on the scene describes what he witnessed

Alex Murdo murder case: First officer on scene describes what he witnessed

The first police officer to arrive at the scene told jurors in Alex Murdo’s murder trial what he saw. Sergeant Daniel Green, the first witness to take the stand, told the court how he discovered the bodies of wife Maggie and son Paul. He also recalled how Murdo was armed when he arrived and that he told him he had gone to get a rifle because he “felt he had to have it.” Murdo, 54, is accused of shooting his wife Maggie, 52, and son Paul, 22, at the family’s mansion. Subscribe to our newsletters.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 31, 2023 05:45 AM


Who is Alex Murdo?

Rachel Sharp submit this profile to the famous lawyer.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 31, 2023 03:45 AM


Murdough cries as body camera video shows the trial

Body camera footage was released at the Colleton County Circuit Court in Walterboro, S.C., Thursday morning as the high-profile double-murder trial began.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 31, 2023 02:45 am


Murdo breaks down as the lawyer describes the brutal “slaughter” of his wife and son

Disgraceful lawyer Alex Murdo broke down in tears as his lawyer described how his son and wife had been “slaughtered” to the family man South Carolina hunting farm.

Mr Murdo wiped tears from his eyes as his defense lawyer described the scene, which he claims his client found near kennels on the estate and denies having anything to do with it.

Dick Harputlian told the jury that the prosecution’s explanation for the murders was only “theory” and “conjecture” and that Mr Murdo was a “loving” husband and father.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 31, 2023 1:45 am


The spectacular fall from grace of Alex Murdo

He was a high-powered lawyer who ran his own law firm and worked in the local prosecutor’s office.

He was the son of a powerful legal dynasty that dominated the local population South Carolina community for almost a century.

And he was a family man who lived with his wife and two grown sons in their sprawling estate.

Rachel Sharp has followed the case for The Independent.

Murder, Fraud and a Murderer’s Plot: Alex Murdo’s Spectacular Fall from Grace

The “trial of the century” is now underway in a South Carolina courtroom, where powerful legal scion Alex Murdo is accused of the brutal double murder of his wife and son. But that’s far from the only twist in a strange and sprawling tale of unexplained deaths, murderous plots and multimillion-dollar fraud schemes, writes Rachel Sharp

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 31, 2023 12:45 AM


ICYMI: Prosecutors paint a gruesome portrait of Alex Murdo killing wife and son

Prosecutors have described how disgraced South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdo allegedly killed his defenseless wife and son at the family’s hunting lodge in 2021.

Mr Murdo is accused of brutally murdering his wife Margaret, known as Maggie, and his youngest son, 22-year-old son Paul, outside a kennel on the estate on June 7, 2021.

Prosecutors said at the opening of his trial on Wednesday that Mr. Murdo first shot his son with a shotgun and then killed his wife with an AR-style rifle.

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 30, 2023 11:45 p.m


Watch: Police body cam shows guns at family’s hunting lodge

Alex Murdo: Police camera shows guns in family’s hunting lodge

Oliver O’ConnellJanuary 30, 2023 10:45 p.m

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