Andrew Tate’s sex cam girls branded with ‘property of Tate’ tattoos.

Women working for accused sex trafficker Andrew Tate have been branded with permanent ‘owned by Tate’ tattoos, according to a new report – as it emerged the influencer was actually kicked off the UK edition of Big Brother in 2016. because he was under investigation for rape.

The disturbing tattoos were spotted on sex cam videos as part of the Romanian prison magnate’s operation, which investigators say was a violent sex-trafficking gang operation. police sources told The Times of London.

The ink was found on Romanian workers – and the 22-year-old American woman who accused Tate of raping her last year, prompting the initial investigation and crackdown in April, the British newspaper said.

The phrase coincides with incendiary comments the US-born influencer has repeatedly made, claiming women belong to men – and owe them some of the money they make from porn.

“It’s not about ownership, it’s about her belonging to him and her private parts belong to him because they’re in a relationship,” Tate said Barstool Sports’ in July.

Women working for accused sex-trafficker Andrew Tate were branded with tattoos ‘owned by Tate’, according to a new report.

“And if she wants to sell them, he has a stake in those parts of her body,” he reckons of girls on sex cam sites like OnlyFans.

But that won’t apply to male porn stars, he said, “because I think women belong to the man.”

Andrew Tate’s sex cam girls branded with ‘property of Tate’ tattoos.
Georgiana Nagel was arrested along with Tate and his brother in the police operation.
Andrew Tate pictured at the gym shirtless.
The irascible influencer has repeatedly suggested that women are owned by their boyfriends.
Andrew Tate/ Instagram

One of Tate’s business partners, Sebastian Vieru, thinks Tate’s name tattoos are inconspicuous, comparing him to women who proudly tattoo their boyfriends’ names.

In August of this year, Tate reposted a photo of a model named Liv Mager that appeared to show his name tattooed on her back, although more recent photos appear to show that not a permanent tattoo.

Vieru also told the UK Times that his friend’s accusations of forcing women into sex must be false because he is a ladies’ man who often goes to nightclubs with “20, 30 beautiful girls”.

Andrew Tate, ex-girlfriend and business partner, one of the suspects.  One of the suspects, Luana Radu, 32, is a former Romanian police officer.  She is said to have left the service in 2014 to work in video chat rooms, which attract men from all over the world and have become a lucrative industry in Romania.  She is believed to have served as a police officer for about four years.  The 32-year-old is a former Romanian police officer.  She is said to have left the service in 2014 to work in video chat rooms, which attract men from all over the world and have become a lucrative industry in Romania.  She is believed to have served as a police officer for about four years.  -
Ex-cop Luana Radu was arrested with Andrew and Tristan Tate and Georgiana Nagel.
Luana Radu

“When you have 100 girls of your own, you don’t have to force any woman to do anything,” he told the British newspaper.

Tate’s now-shuttered sex cam operation was a “completely legitimate business,” said Vieru, who The Times said only was Tate’s partner in “other businesses.”

However, Romanian police arrested Tate, 36, his brother Tristan, 34, and two “Tate angels” — one of his girlfriends, Georgiana Nagel, a former cop named in the reports as Luana Radu — charging them with sex trafficking.

Andrew Tate and his brother were arrested late last month.
Tate was arrested late last month in Romania.

Prosecutors said the four “appear to have formed an organized criminal group to recruit, house and exploit women by forcing them to create pornographic content” that “earned significant sums of money”.

Tate’s lawyer, Eugen Vidineac, said they all “deny the allegations and want to cooperate with prosecutors and declare their innocence.”

He added: “They deny any exploitation of women.”

Tate had moved his operation to Romania in 2017 — while he was still under investigation for rape in 2015 in the United Kingdom, according to a Vice News investigation. The case, which Tate vehemently denied, was dismissed in 2019 without charges.

Andrew Tate arrested in Romania - photo shows police raiding his home.
Tate’s now-shuttered sex cam operation was a “completely legitimate business”, his business partner said.
Romanian police
Andrew Tate eats pizza on video just before his arrest.
The pizza-loving influencer was actually kicked off Big Brother in 2016 due to a previous rape allegation, the show now admits.
Instagram/Andrew Tate

But that long-running investigation was also the real reason the so-called self-help guru was kicked off the British version of reality TV show Big Brother in 2016, the show’s production company admitted to the outlet.

Days after Tate first appeared on the show, Hertfordshire Police alerted the show’s producers to an ongoing investigation into allegations of sexual and physical abuse made by at least two girls from the UK.

It was only then that the police “started taking it seriously because they were like, ‘he’s on TV, we’ve got to get him out,'” said one of the UK prosecutors, using the pseudonym “Sally”.

The show’s production company told Vice that it “began an extensive consultation process” during which Tate was “closely monitored at all times” as he appeared in hot tubs and kissed other contestants.

When Tate was released seven days later, the show said it was due to “information that has come to light” – which until now had been mistaken for a video of him beating a sexual partner.

Tate on a private jet.
Two accusers spoke to Vice News about Tate’s alleged abuse in the UK in 2015. Charges were never filed.
Andrew Tate/ Instagram

Sally told Vice that she went to the police after suffering repeated abuse from Tate, claiming he punched her on her first day on the job as a 20-year-old sex cam girl — then strangled at least 5 times.

She also said she witnessed him choking other women at least 10 times, as well as raping another girl, who also goes by the name “Helen”.

Sally claims that Tate even had a poster in his UK HQ that said: “If there’s ever a problem, if there’s ever a mistake / Big Tate won’t wait, straight slap a bitch.”

Sally claims Tate threatened to “beat the hell out of her” if she went to the police, which she and Helen did.

However, the case was closed four years later, in July 2019, without any charges.

“In this case, we carefully reviewed all the evidence provided by the police in relation to each applicant and concluded that it did not meet our legal test and there was no realistic prospect of a conviction,” the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service told Vice.

Tate vehemently denied the women’s allegations in a prison statement sent through his attorney.

“They wanted money because I fired them,” Tate told Vice.

Smoking influencer Andrew Tate counts wads of cash.
Tate has denied the allegations since 2015, insisting it was just a shakeup of his fortune.
Andrew Tate

“The police found out after the investigation that I was innocent and the police found messages on the girls’ phones where they were talking to each other and planning to lie about me,” he said.

Sally and Helen said he was referring to their discussions about whether or not to report him to the police. Prosecutors would say only that “there was a body of evidence that led us to conclude that our legal test was not met.”

Before the investigation ended, Tate had moved to Romania – saying in a since-deleted video that “probably 40% of the reason” he moved there was that it would be easier to avoid rape charges. said the Guardian.

“I’m not a rapist, but I like the idea of ​​just being able to do whatever I want. I like being free,” he said.

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