How Trump’s Candidate Cary Lake Lost the Arizona Governor’s Race

Cary Lake, perhaps the most Trumpian candidate running for office this year, narrowly lost her bid for governor of Arizona to Democrat Katie Hobbs.

  • Exit polls underscore that she lost because she failed to focus on the concerns of college-educated white suburbanites — even as the GOP makes inroads among the state’s Hispanic voters.

By the numbers: Hobbs won 55% of white college-educated voters, according to the AP/NORC exit polla strong showing that was even better than Sen. Kirsten Sinema’s impressive 51% with the demographic in 2018.

  • But among Hispanic voters, Lake made clear gains. Hobbs won Hispanic voters by 15 points (57% to 42%), a significant drop from Sinema’s 38-point lead since winning Latinos in 2018.

The Independents supported Hobbes over Lake by 30 points, 64% to 34%. Hobbs even won 11% of Republicans.

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