Idaho Homicide Updates: Moscow police raise confusion about ‘targeted’ attack as crime scene findings come back

Idaho students killed: Police believe four killed in ‘targeted attack’

The police are investigating the brutal murder of four University From Idaho Students raised confusion about whether or not the killings were “targeted”, as they accused the local district attorney of “miscommunication”.

Since Madison Mugen, Kylie Goncalves, Zana Kerndol, and Ethan Chapin were stabbed to death on November 13, investigators have claimed the attacks were “targeted.”

On Wednesday, Lata County District Attorney Bill Thompson said in interviews that “maybe that wasn’t the best word to use” before saying that “the attack was directed at a specific person.”

After hours, Moscow Police said officials “do not currently know whether the home or any of its occupants were specifically targeted” and that Mr Thompson’s comments were the result of “miscommunication”.

The survey comes as the first lab results were returned from the crime scene, where families of the victims delivered emotional speeches at a campus vigil on Wednesday night.

Goncalves father Steve Goncalves vows to “get our justice” and reveals that his daughter died in the same bed as her best friend Mugen.


The victim’s father reveals that she died in the same bed as her best friend

The grieving father of one of the four murdered University of Idaho students has revealed his daughter was found dead in the same bed with her lifelong best friend.

Steve Goncalves, whose 21-year-old daughter Kylie Goncalves was stabbed to death on Nov. 13, gave a heartbreaking speech at a vigil for the victims Wednesday night where he said it gave him comfort to know she was with best friend Madison. Mugen to the end.

Mr. Goncalves told how the “extremely beautiful” young women met for the first time in the sixth grade and became inseparable.

“They found each other,” he said, “and every day they did homework together, came to our house together, and shared everything.”

Then they start looking at colleges, they come here together. They eventually get into the same apartment together.

“And in the end, they died together, in the same room, in the same bed.”

The devastated father, whose family also saw Mugen as a daughter, said that while it “hurts”, there is some “beauty” in knowing the couple were together when they died.

“The beauty of always being together is something that would comfort us, letting us know that they were with their best friends in the whole world,” he said.

“It’s like a book, it’s like an awful chapter but there’s a beauty in it. And we’ll get our justice, we’ll figure this stuff out. This community deserves it.”

Rachel SharpDecember 1, 2022 11:00


911 call logs reveal bloodstains, knives and ‘suspicious men’ seen in Idaho City student murders

“We understand that there is a sense of fear within our community,” Moscow Police Department said On Sunday, she revealed that she had received more calls about “unusual circumstances” and requests for social checks in the past two weeks than in the whole of October.

Rachel SharpDecember 1, 2022 10:40


Idaho State Police is dismissing the “red mustang” conspiracy theory taking over Reddit

In a statement, the Moscow Police Department said “there have been reports online of a red Mustang at S. Deakin Street being processed as part of the investigation” but “this case is not related to the ‘ongoing murder investigation’.”

The mystery of the four murders on November 13 in which Ethan Chapin, 20, Zana Kernodel, 20, Madison Mougin, 21, and Kylie Gonsalves, 21, were killed, has baffled not only police but also online investigators.

After the cops failed to identify the suspect or locate the murder weapon, speculation swirled on social media, the latest of which was about a red Mustang.

Marousha Muzaffar He has the details.

Rachel SharpDecember 1, 2022 10:20


The father of an Idaho murder victim reveals a chilling reason the family didn’t hold a funeral for her

Kylie Goncalves was murdered in an off-campus home in Moscow, Idahoin the early hours of November 13, as the police were still searching for the killer.

Goncalves, 21, was killed along with her best friend, Madison Maugin, 21, another roommate, Zana Kernodel, 20, and Kernodel’s boyfriend Ethan Chapin, 20.

Kylie’s father, Steve Goncalves, says the family hasn’t been able to memorialize their daughter yet.

“My wife’s biggest fear, part of the reason a funeral is not held, is that it cannot be guaranteed that this monster will not be there,” he told ABC News.

Graeme Massey He has a story The Independent.

Josh MarcusDecember 1, 2022 10:00


Sorority rallies behind murdered Idaho students and raises $20,000

a University From Idaho The alumna raised nearly $20,000 in donations to purchase 1,900 personal alarms for terrified students living in… Moscow with a killer on the loose.

“We hope it gives these students on campus a simple sense of security and also lets them know that their alumni and others care deeply about keeping them and the university we love a safe place for them to be,” she said. .

It’s been two weeks since Kylie Goncalves, 21, Madison Maugin, 21, Zana Kernodel, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20, were brutally murdered in the off-campus home shared by the three students.

Josh MarcusDecember 1, 2022 09:00


Idaho murders: Neighbor beats up Reddit agents who claim his media appearances were suspicious

Neighbor of four Idaho Homicide victims lashed out at investigators online who claimed his appearances in the media were suspicious.

In a recent interview, Jeremy Reagan, a third-year law student from the University of Idaho, said he went to bed early the night the murders took place. but, reddit Investigators find his statements suspicious.

Mr. Reagan addressed the Internet Conspiracy theories He didn’t, he told Court TV on Tuesday. “I have nothing to hide. I’m willing to donate.” DNAfingerprints…all they need.”

In a previous interview with Fox News, Reagan said, “I went to bed early that night,” and “two hours later we got a message, and there was a bunch of cops here. And then that was the end of normalcy for the last week or so.” To that here.”

Marousha Muzaffar He has the details.

Josh MarcusDecember 1, 2022 07:59


Police seize five cars in an Idaho murder investigation

The Moscow Police Department said Tuesday afternoon that it was moving five cars away from the crime scene to a “safe” location to be properly examined for evidence.

“Today, as part of the ongoing homicide investigation and original search warrant, there will be an increase in detective towing and truck towing activity at the site as detectives move five vehicles from the police perimeter to a more secure long-term storage location for continued evidence processing.” oath said.

Officials did not say who owned the vehicles or had any connection to the deaths.

Ayo Dodds He has the details.

Josh MarcusDecember 1, 2022 07:00


Idaho police don’t have any suspects yet, but they’ve ruled out these conspiracy theories

It’s been two weeks since four University From Idaho the students They are brutally stabbed to death in a small university town in Moscow – with no suspects identified, no arrests made, and the murder weapon nowhere to be found.

The four victims had been stabbed multiple times with a fixed blade knife and were believed to have died around 3am or 4am that morning.

Their bodies had remained undiscovered for eight hours when the police were finally called to the house to report an “unconscious person”.

Josh MarcusDecember 1, 2022 06:00


ICYMI: Victims’ Neighbor Hits Reddit Customers

One of the university’s four neighbors Idaho The students killed on November 13 have gone on strike reddit Investigators who alleged that his appearances in the media were suspicious.

Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20, were found dead in an off-campus home on November 13.

Jeremy Regan, a third-year law student, said he went to bed early the night of the murder, but commenters on Reddit found his statements suspicious.

“[It’s] “It’s annoying compared to a murderer when I didn’t do anything,” Reagan told Cort TV.

Watch the full clip on Independent Television.

Idaho student murders: A neighbor of the victims explodes on Reddit

A neighbor of the four University of Idaho students killed on November 13 attacked Reddit investigators who claimed his media appearances were suspicious. Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20, were found dead in an off-campus home on November 13. Jeremy Regan, a third-year law student, said he went to bed early the night of the murder, but commenters on Reddit found his statements suspicious. “[It’s] “It’s annoying compared to a murderer when I didn’t do anything,” Mr. Reagan told Court TV. Subscribe to our newsletters.

Josh MarcusDecember 1, 2022 05:00


Why Idaho Police Retreat From Calling Student Murders ‘Targeted’

Officials have now said that “targeted” may not be the “best word” to describe Murders out of four University From Idaho the students — in what marks the latest retreat from investigators bewildered by the violent killing.

Two weeks later, the killer or killers are still at large, no suspects have been identified, no arrests have been made, and the murder weapon is still nowhere to be found.

From the outset of the investigation, the authorities have insisted the attack was “targeted” – but have refused to say why they reached that conclusion.

Rachel Sharp He has the story.

Josh MarcusDecember 1, 2022 04:00

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