Is Elon Musk about to hand over Twitter to Mr Beast?

Is there another change of ownership coming up in Twitter?

Social media users are speculating Elon Musk and possibly broadcast to a YouTuber Mr. Beastafter the pair began changing their own usernames this week.

It all started last month when Mr Beast expressed interest in becoming the CEO of the platform.

In December, Mr Beast wrote: “Could I be the new CEO of Twitter?”

Musk didn’t do much to quell the speculation, writing, “Not out of the question.”

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Now things have changed after Mr Beast changed his Twitter bio, updating it from “I want to make the world a better place before I die”.

First it was changed to “Twitter Official CEO” and now it reads: “Twitter Super Official CEO”.

The change came at the same time as Musk changed his name on the site – and it turns out he can’t change it back.

Can we really see the YouTuber in charge of Twitter?Getty/MrBreast

The Twitter CEO redacted his name to “Mr. Tweet’ and removed his bio before taking to the platform on Wednesday (25 January) to express that ‘Twitter won’t let me change it back’.

While many speculate that Mr. Beast is considering a bid for the platform, others believe instead that there is a YouTube video that will explain it all.

TNA Kirsh posted a tweet speculating that there was a clip titled “I became the CEO of Twitter for a day” or similar on the way – and Mr. Beast himself liked it.

Whatever happens, be sure to watch this space.

Since Musk acquired Twitter in 2022 he made some major changes to the social media platform, including adding different timelines similar to Instagram and TikTok.

Users now have an “about you” page and a “following” page so they can discover new tweets from people they don’t follow, or switch to a timeline with only tweets from people they follow — but here’s how to fix it.

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