Mexico City subway train collision kills at least 1, injures dozens

Mexico City

Two trains collided Mexico City subway system on Saturday, killing at least one person and injuring 57 others, the city’s mayor said.

At a news conference, Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said the driver was in serious condition after the incident at the La Raza and Potrero stations on the Metro Line 3.

Four other people were hospitalized after being rescued in an operation involving the Ministry of Defence, the Navy and the Civil Defense Agency, the mayor said.

“As always, our priority is the victims and also justice will be served,” she said.

Mexico The city’s attorney’s office tweeted that it had launched a government-sanctioned investigation into the collision.

The city’s metro is one of the busiest public transport systems in the world, serving a metropolitan area home to around 20 million people in the densely populated capital.

Mexico City subway train collision kills at least 1, injures dozens

The collision is the latest fatal incident on Mexico City’s subway since the May 2021 subway line 12 collapse that killed 26 people and injured dozens.

According to 2021 report by the city government, construction defects led to this collapse.

The investigation suggested that poor welding of metal studs, which were apparently not properly connected to steel girders supporting a concrete slab and elevated train tracks, was among number of questions which contributed to the incident.

The report said that missing metal studs in some sections of the structure, different types of concrete used for the slab and unfinished or poorly welded joints were some of the other factors that caused the elevated railway to buckle, sending two subway cars, falling down to the streets. .

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