Missing boaters: Kevin Hyde and Joe DiTomaso found safe off New York coast

CAPE MAY, N.J. (WPVI) — Two missing boaters who left Cape May, New Jersey last month in a 30-foot sailboat have been found safe, Action News has learned.

Kevin Hyde, 65, Joe DiTomaso, 76, and a dog named “Minnie” were found off the coast of New York on Tuesday, according to family members.

The sailors, who were on their way to Florida, left Cape May on November 26 and were last seen on December 3 near North Carolina.

A family spokesperson tells Action News the boatmen were damaged by the weather.

Stay with Action News as we continue to follow this developing story.


The United States Coast Guard has launched a search for two men who left Cape May, New Jersey on November 26 in a 30-foot sailboat.

Authorities are looking for 65-year-old Kevin Hyde, 76-year-old Joe DiTomaso and a dog named “Minnie.”

All three sailed on the Atrevida II from Utsch’s Marina in Cape May. But the Coast Guard says they haven’t been seen since December after a stop in North Carolina. The men traveled to Marathon Key, Florida.

Dan Seckel of Wildwood Crest spoke to Action News on behalf of Joe DiTomaso’s family.

Kevin Hyde and Joe DiTomaso left Cape May on November 26th. They last spoke to their family on December 3.

He says DiTomaso began the journey by diligently texting his daughters, Nina and Natalie.

The last person who is said to have heard from DiTomaso was a friend of his.

“Saturday, December 3rd, it was just before noon, they were talking and in the middle of the conversation the phone went dead,” Sekel said.

Since then, there has been no communication with Hyde and DiTomaso.

“I texted Kevin, I said, ‘Kev, as soon as your phone has service, please call or text, we’re concerned about your safety.’ I’ve been calling and texting both of them, but nothing,” Seckel said.

On Monday, the Coast Guard announced an air and water search effort. They are focused on the ocean between North Carolina and Marathon Key.

“The total area is about 16,000 square miles. So to put that in perspective, that’s roughly twice the size of New Jersey. We’re looking for something that’s a little bit bigger than a large SUV,” said Commander Daniel Schrader of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Seckel says his wife tracked down DiTomaso’s credit card, which was last pinged in Virginia Beach.

Now they’re just hoping the sailors hit an area without cell service.

“Maybe with a sailboat you try to go further because if you have good wind conditions, maybe he missed one of his ports. But nine days, that’s alarming,” Seckel said.

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