NASA’s moon rocket, Orion lifts off from Earth

NASA launched the most powerful rocket ever from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The 100-meter-high chariot of Artemis soared skyward in a colossal mixture of light and sound, reports the BBC.

The uncrewed spacecraft on this particular flight is referred to as Orion.

Wednesday’s Flight is the sequel to two previous launch attempts in August and September that were aborted during the countdown due to technical issues.

The technical issues were overcome this time and the Space Launch System was given a “go” to begin its ascent from Kennedy Space Center at 01:47 local time (06:47 GMT).

“Today, we watched the world’s most powerful rocket take Earth by the edges and shake the bad guys out,” said Mike Sarafin, NASA’s Artemis mission manager.

Written by Muzha Kucha

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