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New York remains one of the US locations with the highest net losses of one-way U-Haul trucks leaving the state.

New York ranked 46th in U-Haul Growth States Ranking in 2022, down one place from 2021 when it ranked 45th.

“The U-Haul Growth Index is compiled by the net profit of one-way U-Haul trucks arriving in a state or city versus leaving that state or city in a calendar year,” according to the U-Haul website.

It’s not like the rest of the three countries are gloating too much about their ranking. New Jersey saw a more dramatic drop to the bottom of the list this year, ranking 45th — down nine spots from 2021, when it was 36th. Connecticut finished in the middle of the pack at 28th, but that’s 10 spots lower than it was in the previous year’s rankings.

U-Haul says 2021 saw a record number of moves, and while that pace has slowed slightly in 2022, the trend of moving southwest and southeast continues.

Illinois ranked 49th and California 50th on the list as the trucking company saw strong demand for rentals leaving the West Coast, Midwest and Northeast.

For the second year in a row and the fifth time since 2016, Texas ranks first for movers, according to U-Haul transaction data. Missouri City, Richardson and Conroe were the cities with the highest net gains for the Lone Star State.

U-Haul’s growth state rankings put Florida second and the Carolinas third and fourth for highest net profit for U-Haul one-way movers.

The top climbers for the year were Virginia and Alabama, both ranking up 26 spots from 2021. Virginia rose from 31st in 2021 to 5th in 2022, and Alabama climbed from 46th in 2021 to 20th in 2022.

The company cautions that population and economic growth aren’t directly related to U-Haul’s migration trends, but says the more than 2 million truck transactions at its 23,000 U-Haul truck and trailer sharing locations are a good indicator of how American states are attracting new residents.

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