Ohanaeze rejects Soludo’s assertion, “Obi will not win the presidential race”

Apex-Igbo social and cultural organisation, Ohanaeze, has rejected claims by Anambra State Governor Chukwuma Soludo that the Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi will not win the 2023 presidential election.

The chief general of the Igbo, Ambassador George Obozor, also dismissed the claim that the organization had transferred Solodu to two Igbo gods and goddesses to punish them for attacking Obi and hinting that he would not win the presidential election.

In his article titled: “Beacons of History and I Will Not Be Silent (Part 1)”, Soludo emphatically stated that the Labor Party’s presidential candidate was just partying with his presidential ambition in 2023.

But Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s National Publicity Secretary, Dr Chiedozie Ogbonnia revealed that in the aftermath of the outbreak of the Soludo events, the Apex-Igbo body met on November 15, 2022, not only confirming the organization’s previous decision that the country’s president in 2023 should come from the southeast, but Peter Obi showed enough ability to take first place in Nigeria.

To avoid suspicion, Ohanaeze Ndigbo never thought of consulting the gods in seeking solutions to the Igbo dilemma. Ohanayezi writer explained that Igbo are profoundly gifted in various ways the least of which is turning to the gods, adding: “It should be added that on November 15, 2022, the National Executive Committee of Ohanayesi Ndigbo held a meeting chaired by Obozor.”

He further stated that “the question of the place of the Igbo in 2023 has been discussed at length”.

Following the outcome of the meeting, Ogbunya said, the President-General of Ohanaiz, Ambassador George Obozor made the following remarks: “Having traversed the length and breadth of the country on an advocacy mission for the emergence of the President of Nigeria from the Southeast region in the 2023 general election.

“We were expecting a positive outcome, but the two main political parties, the General People’s Congress Party and the People’s Democratic Party rejected with impunity and insolence the practice and agreement of the past twenty years of rotating and dividing the position of the president.

However, the emergence of Mr. Peter Obi as of today has fulfilled all of Ndigbo’s expectations to participate in the 2023 presidential election which includes winning the party primaries and being nominated as the party’s presidential candidate.

“This is the advice given to all Igbo contestants in the 2023 presidential election and it is appropriate by virtue of fairness, fairness and fairness.

“The whole country knows this is the truth and the whole world knows this is the truth, they are all watching the events in Nigeria with either fear or suspicion.

“The situation in the country today provides an opportunity for Ndegbo to relaunch itself in all social and political dimensions.

However, we must continue to ask the rest of Nigerians, ‘What do they really want to do with Ndegbo? The decision will be theirs and the response will be ours. In other words, the position of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and of course the Igbo regarding the year 2023 is consistent.

“We have taken the opportunity to thank all the outstanding Nigerians who have given their support or thrown their weight behind the cause of justice, fairness, unity, progress and the institutional presence of Nigeria in the person of Mr. Peter Obi. For Ohanaeze Ndigbo, one is either with us or against us but Nigerians will never be distracted, because history beckons.

For many years to come, it will be recorded as “once upon a time, Ndigbo was shorthanded in the political accounts of Nigeria and Mr. Peter Obi of Anambra State encouraged a change of narratives and that he was able to fill Nigerian expectations.”

Obuzor further stated: “All the dynamics and intrigue associated with the above scenario will form the essential component of Igbo history.”

The Ohanaeze leader explained that the Secretary General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide is Ambassador Okey Emuchay and warned that “Anyone claiming otherwise are mischief-makers, fraudsters, charlatans, social climbers and media navigators who comment on the invaluable footprints of Ohanaeze Ndigbo to issue press releases for narrow, perverted and ill-conceived financial interests.” lawful. Such useless activities of some bad-ass panic-mongers and loafers are the bane of Igbo cohesion and progress.”

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