Paul Pelosi attended the Kennedy Center honors in his first public appearance since the attack


Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), made his first public appearance Sunday at the Kennedy Center Honors since he was brutally attacked at the couple’s San Francisco home in October.

The 82-year-old businessman was greeted with a standing ovation as he accompanied his wife to the legendary event at the Kennedy Center Opera House.

At the event honoring Americans who have made significant contributions to the arts, Paul Pelosi was seen sitting next to his wife on the balcony of the Opera House of the Performing Arts Center, wearing a hat as he cheered on the honorees. On one hand was a black glove.

In October, an intruder broke into the couple’s home in the exclusive Pacific Heights neighborhood at night through a glass door, looking for the speaker, who was out of town at the time of the incident, and yelling, “Where’s Nancy?”

Paul Pelosi recovers as attack renews focus on toxic politics

Pelosi suffered such severe injuries from the hammer that the businessman had to undergo surgery to repair skull fracture. Pelosi also suffered “serious injuries to her right hand and palms,” according to the speaker’s office.

David Wayne Depapp is facing several state and federal charges related to the attack, including attempted murder, attempted kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. According to court documents, the 42-year-old told police he was on a “suicide mission” and targeted a number of state and federal politicians to counter the “lies” coming from Washington.

The speaker said last month that her decision not to seek the Democratic leadership during the next session of Congress was partly due to the attack. She said she felt guilty that she was the center of the intruder’s attention, but her husband withstood the attacks.

In a speech last month announcing her decision to step down from leadership, Pelosi thanked her husband, calling him “my pillar of support” and said she was grateful for “all the prayers and well wishes as he continues to restores’.

The MP told reporters last month that her husband was “doing well” but had run into long recovery. The emotional trauma of the incident has left a deep mark on the entire family, Pelosi said.

“If he had fallen or slipped on the ice or had an accident and hurt his head, it would have been terrible, but for it to be an attack on him because they were looking for me is really – they call it ‘survivor’s guilt’ or something like that,” she said in her most detailed comments since the incident. “But the traumatic effect on him, it happened in our house.”

“It’s turned our home into a crime scene,” Pelosi added.

While some GOP lawmakers and celebrities expressed concern for the couple after the incident, Pelosi quickly became the target of conspiracy theories from political opponents and jabs from those on the right in the days after the attack, something the speaker strongly criticized.

“If your spouse was in a situation where other people would make a joke of it, think it was funny, collect bail money for the perpetrator, put forth a conspiracy theory about what it’s all about — it’s so horrible to think that the Republican Party it came down to that and there’s no real pushback from anyone in the party,” she said. “It’s so sad for our country.”

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