The Taliban are stopping university education for women in Afghanistan


The Taliban government has suspended university education for all female students in Afghanistan, the latest step in brutal suppression on the rights and freedoms of Afghan women.

A spokesman for Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education confirmed the suspension to CNN on Tuesday. A letter released by the education ministry said the decision was taken at a cabinet meeting and the order will come into effect immediately.

Girls were forbidden back to secondary schools in Marchafter the Taliban ordered girls’ schools closed just hours after they were due to reopen after months of closures imposed after the Taliban took over in August 2021.

Human Rights Watch criticized the ban on Tuesday, calling it a “shameful decision that violates the right to education for women and girls in Afghanistan.”

“The Taliban make it clear every day that they do not respect the basic rights of Afghans, especially women,” the rights group said in a statement.

Since seizing power in Afghanistan last year, the Taliban have tried to project a more moderate image to gain international support.

But while it has made numerous promises to the international community that it will protect the rights of women and girls, the Taliban is doing the opposite, systematically suppressing their rights and freedoms.

Women in Afghanistan can no longer work in most sectors, require a male guardian for long-distance travel and are ordered to cover their faces in public.

This is breaking news that is about to follow.

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