These maps show how much snow to expect in New England during the coming storm

This map shows how much snow to expect in Massachusetts.National Weather Service

Areas in western Massachusetts could see up to six inches of snow, including Greenfield and Fitchburg. Areas in the central part of the states, such as Springfield and Worcester, could get up to four inches.

The most about two inches is expected in Boston, with even less snow likely in the southeastern part of the state. Forecasters said in an online discussion that coastal cities are more likely to see a mix of snow and rain.

Wind gusts could also reach 35 miles per hour. Forecasters warn that hazardous conditions are likely to affect the evening commute on Wednesday, along with the morning commute on Thursday.

There is also a risk of snow and sleet in Massachusetts during the storm, with the western and central parts of the state likely to see the greatest impact.

This map shows the risk of snow and sleet.National Weather Service

In Rhode Island, residents can also expect to see snow. While Burrillville and Foster could get about four inches of snow, Providence will likely only see about two inches.

This map shows how much snow to expect in Rhode Island.National Weather Service

The storm is likely to have only minor impacts in Massachusetts. Drivers are urged to use caution when driving in these conditions.

This map shows the potential impacts of the storm.National Weather Service

Meanwhile, New Englanders in New Hampshire and Maine could be swamped again on Wednesday, with heavy snow expected. A winter storm watch is in effect for most of every state from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday evening.

Low pressure will bring moderate to heavy snow late Wednesday afternoon and evening, the weather service said. Snow is likely to arrive during the evening commute in southern areas.

Significant snow accumulation is possible, especially in northern and inland areas where up to a foot of snow could fall in some parts. Inland and coastal areas, mixed winter precipitation is expected.

What to expect from Wednesday’s storm in Maine and New Hampshire.National Weather Service

Heavy snow and mixed precipitation is possible in parts of south-central, southwest, west-central and western Maine, along with parts of northern New Hampshire. Total snow accumulations greater than six inches are likely, along with minor ice accumulations.

Wind gusts could reach 45 mph along the coast and on high ground, the weather service said. Gusts could knock down tree branches.

This map shows how much snow to expect in Maine and New Hampshire.National Weather Service

In New Hampshire, the central part of the state will likely receive the heaviest snow accumulation, including North Conway, which could see up to 18 inches of snow. Both Laconia and Plymouth could get up to a foot of snow. Meanwhile, the southern part of the state is expected to receive about four inches of snow.

This map shows how much snow to expect in New Hampshire.National Weather Service

Back in Maine, both Bangor and Rangeley could see up to a foot of snow, while Portland could get up to six inches and Bar Harbor between three and four inches.

This map shows a lot of snow to expect in Maine.National Weather Service

Roads will likely become slick and dangerous, with snowfall amounts of one to two inches per hour possible Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Drivers in the region are being urged to take extra care if they must travel.

Potential impacts from the storm.National Weather Service

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